Winterizing of your boat will not only maintain its value and appearance but will prevent expensive and potentially dangerous mechanical failure.

  • Depending on the type of boat winterizing can include:
  • Flushing engines raw water cooling system with fresh water.
  • Check engine cooling system for correct strength of coolant mix and adjust as needed.
  • Coat all exposed parts with anti-corrosion spray.
  • With petrol engines drain fuel system and carburettors.
  • Check and drain water from water separators and filters.
  • Lubricating the engine cylinders/piston rings.
  • Add fuel stabilizing additive.
  • Testing all electrical systems.
  • Fully charging/removing batteries.
  • Drain all fresh water and heating systems.
  • Power washing hull to remove all marine growth.
  • Removing all food, cleaning and removing  cushions &  seating.
  • Protecting the hull from UV by polishing/waxing.
  • Checking  function and security of all boat cover fastenings.
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation to reduce condensation.
  • Dry out and clean bilges.

Depending upon where and how the boat is kept will depend upon the level of winterizing you will need.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and give advice as needed.